Our Mission

Firebird Design Lab's mission is to activate individuals and organizations toward transformative impact via purposeful creativity and critical thinking.

Our Work

FDL has developed a highly rigorous and integrative approach that combines the` expression of art, and the intentionality of design. Adhering to the motto of Maximum Impact via Minimal Means, FDL juxtaposes low-resource and high-creativity to instill holistic problem solving skills and self agency. FDL strives to bring the richness and power of this process into our community.

FDL‘s unique framework is based on founder Leon Wang’s work in the creative, technical, and educational fields.  Wang has a multidisciplinary background in psychology, architecture, art/design and education. Wang has presented his work nationally and internationally. He has taught at many educational and cultural institutions, and has collaborated with countless grassroots organizations across the social justice movement.