Teaching Others to Fish

We offer workshops and consultancy for groups and institutions in our community. We believe in the primacy of activating and elevating the individual — that one must first be grounded in their unique voice and process, in order to better serve and collaborate with others.

Toys & Play

From age 8 to adults, we use toy design as a vehicle to model and instill our approach. During the intensive workshop, the conventional constructs of work, play, learning, and creating are blurred. The participants are challenged with the task of creating playful objects for themselves, based on a highly restrictive set of parameters.

Art of Change

For middle school students to adults, we conduct social justice art workshops to demonstrate the process of amplifying the individual’s voice, and problem solve their way towards a clear and transformative outcome. Even though the projects are structured around art and social justice, the same process is transferrable to other disciplines and endeavors.

Movement Building

We work with organizations on a range of engagement and services, from developing impactful narrative systems, to strategic and structural planning, and personal development. We are able to teach and apply our approach across a variety of demographics and project types.